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Radical Self-Love Bath Salts 300g

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These salts have been lovingly made with the intention of radical self love.

Perfect for those days when you need that reminder of who you really are. We are more than just our skin and bones and these salts wish to remind you just that!

You are a powerful creator, you are loved and you are most definitely not alone. Close your eyes and relax into this knowledge.

This brew marries organic hibiscus, calendula and chamomile to help us on our journey towards love, healing and peace.

-Hibiscus paves the way for love of all kinds and teaches us to flow with life, not against it.

-Calendula helps us stay present in our lives and uses the suns energy to boost our own along with our capacity for expansion.

-Chamomile is great for those experiencing high stress and alleviating overwhelming emotions.

-French Clay is slightly exfoliating & detoxifying to the skin for that added loving for the body!

Add 150g into a reusable bath tea bag and pop into the bath!

Earth Ingredients:

Epsom salts, dead sea salt, Himalayan salts, organic calendula, hibiscus, chamomile & French green clay.

Australian grown and vegan.