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Pronounced "aka ora".
1. (caus.) ora1. Revive, stimulate, make aware.

Here at Akaora Therapies we wish to offer clients the opportunity to bring the mind, body and spirit into a state of equilibrium.

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  • Lady Morgan Wand

    Lady Morgan is a strong independent lady with the strength of a lion. With her Amethyst stone she follows her intuition to the beat of her own drum.

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  • Goddess Taweret Wand

    Named after the Egyptian Goddess Taweret due to the 2 distinctively diferrent wand tips. Tawret often took form of a woman with the head of a hippo.

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Meet Angela

Hey! I am Angela, an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiologist, and Reiki Master.

As a forever student of life and a lover of growth and transformation, I love nothing more than to help people free themselves from the stresses of everyday life!

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  • I burned my arm a few weeks ago on some very sensitive skin that would usually scar, but I used your chickweed and calendula balm on it daily and now I have absolutely no scarring thank you!


  • I have been focused more on taking the actions to get organized. My home is spotless now! Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Angela is so thorough and so very helpful. She is also very kind and gentle, I felt so relaxed around her. Thank you so much, plus loved her soaps!